Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome to 2011 - The Year of the Dark Chaos Rat Wolf

Ok, 2011 is actually the year of the metal rabbit (WTF?) but that doesn't match with my hobby plans at all. So instead, I am going with my own title. If they can rearrange the Zodiac, I can come up with my own icons as well :-)

So Happy New Year to everyone. I have decided to really, really (and I mean really) get better about keeping the blog updated this year. One of the big hang ups I have is getting things photographed to show you all, so I am working on that with trying to get something set-up more permanently to keep that from being a hindrance.

I sat down and really thought about what my plans were going to be for this year. 2010 was kind of a hodge podge of hobby time. Lots of random models painted, but no real focus on getting full armies done. I feel that isn't always a bad thing, as sometimes you need to recharge and paint whatever you feel like. That being said, for 2011 I really want to get some new armies started. So here are the plans for this coming year.

2011 Hobby Resolutions
1. At least 3 new armies - I want to get at least 3 brand new armies painted this year. I know that may be a huge thing to start off the resolutions with, but I think with some dedication I can do it. I am not saying each army will be massive Apocalypse sized forces, but they will be playable forces. The three armies I am focusing on are going to be:
A. Skaven - I am finally going to get these guys painted. No more excuses, no more procrastinating, it is time to get the forces of the Horned Rat ready for battle!
B. Space Wolves - I have wanted to do a Logan Grimnar themed army for a while now. I finally got that started with converting up and painting my own Logan. It isn't a huge army (around 50 models) and I think it will be lots of fun with all the characterization you can put into the Wolves.
C. Dark Eldar - I started in on these guys when they came out (I painted up 10 Warriors, 3 Jetbikes, and a Raider for a local store) and I also did a bunch of cool conversions for things there are no models for. There is a lot of room for customization with this army and I think it will be a nice change of pace from some of my other forces.

2. Additions to the Shadow Hawks, Black Legion, Orcs & Goblins - Since the Shadow Hawk chapter (my custom Marine force) uses the Blood Angel codex, I am anxious to add a Storm Raven and more to the army with the new BA models releasing next month. Since I help out the local shop (Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD) with painting new releases, this will give me the perfect opportunity to do some new stuff for the Marines.
I also want to add a few things to the Black Legion that is my largest army. I plan on converting up my own Abaddon and also trying to do some Possessed and a few more vehicles for them.
Finally, my Orc and Goblin army is getting a new book in March, so I am sure there will be some new models there that will have to be added to the army. I hear talk of a Giant Spider of some sort, so I can't wait to see if that happens!

3. Try out some new games - I have wanted to try out Malifaux for some time now and since you only need a small number of models to play, I am hoping to get a gang together for this.

4. PLAY MORE GAMES!! - This is number four on this list, but is very important to me. I really hope to actually play more games this year. After so much painting and army building, I want to use these things!

5. Don't be so ADHD with the hobby - I suffer at times from New Shiney Syndrome, where all the new things are quick to grab my attention. I have resolved to get better about this for 2011 and stay focused on projects I have in the works! Though there are Grey Knights coming in April... (STOP!!!)

Well those are the big plans for 2011. I have a lot on my plate for this year so I hope I can stick to these plans. I'll leave you with a quick teaser pic of a few of my Dark Eldar conversions. These are quick snaps and better pictures need to be taken of them. But until then, here is a teaser:

Tell me what you think they are in the comments section. More details on their construction are coming in the future!


  1. Your Razorwing? is damn sexy. I look forward to seeing more pictures of that and seeing it painted up!

  2. I like the razorwing a lot. It's a fun interpitation that kinda reminds me of a Jaffa Death Glider.