Monday, January 24, 2011

Death from above!

Hello all! I hope that 2011 is going well for everyone. I started off the year pretty strong by painting a Hell Pit Abomination and Warp Lightning Cannon for our local shop's previews (Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD.) Sadly I didn't get a chance to photograph them before I dropped them off for the store to display. I will be sure to do that when I get them back.

When I dropped off the Skaven models the store had just received their new Blood Angel preview models and I was eager to get my hands on them! If you follow the blog for some time, you may remember that my Shadow Hawk Space Marines use Blood Angel rules so I have been anxious for a Storm Raven for the army for some time. I have had a love/hate relationship with the Storm Raven model ever since the first pic leaked out months ago. There were elements of it that I really liked, but there was always something about it that just didn't gel with me. Once more pics and the sprue pics began to get out, I definitely started liking it a lot more. There was just one part that was throwing it all off - the top turret and air intake. These two things were throwing off the overall aesthetic of the kit. I really feel that the model is like a mini Thunderhawk once you address those two areas. So as soon as I had the kit in had to build and paint for the store, I began working on those things.

You will see that I removed the top turret entirely and covered that area over with some plasticard cut to fit the area. I then added some icons and a name plate to the plasticard to give it some extra details. I also cut down the air intake vent quite a bit to make it more in scale with the kit.

With the turret gone, I needed a place for the weapons the turret housed. So I added them to the front area.

Overall I am really happy with the final look of the kit with these small changes. I have some gaps to fill with some putty today and then it will be primed and ready for paint. I hope to have painted pics of the kit done later this week.

Finally, I wanted to show you all one of my recent conversions I painted up a few weeks back. I am building a small Space Wolf force as one of my 2011 goals. Here is my converted (and built entirely from plastic) Logan Grimnar.

Back later in the week with more! You can see my 2011 details along the side of the blog as I am continuing to track all of my painting, building, and even purchases! I need to add a section for trades as well since I recently got a ton of new stuff through some great trades on the Dakka Dakka Swap Shop that didn't cost me any out of pocket money (aside from shipping). Have a great week!


  1. This is how im definately doing mine as well :) good work!

  2. YES! Magnificent Stormraven. That's pretty close how I imagined it should be. Only instead of moving the turret guns, using a FW Razorback turret as they have a low profile.

  3. The Razorback Turret is a great idea as well. I should have tried that! Thanks for the comments!

  4. I'm personally still out to lunch on that model, but am slowly comming around. Maybe when the GK's come out I will get one. I love the Grimnar conversion btw. Cheers Jeff.

  5. Nice job with the top portion conversion on the Raven.
    Definitely gives it a different look.

    Ron, Rrom the Warp

  6. The engine air scoop looks good, I would suggest maybe trying to make it a flush with the vent on to the top of the hull. Sounds easier then it probably is.

    The build looks like is is coming together quite nicely. I am looking forward to seeing the finished model!

  7. I like this kit a lot more now I have seen your conversion, I mean I was easily sold on it before but the lack of turret on the top is a very good look!

    Well done mate!