Saturday, January 2, 2010

Know Your Foe: Tyranid Images

Here are some pics of the Tyranid army I am working on. Some of these models I painted a few years back when I first thought about doing Tyranids, while others are more recent. First up, the Carnifex (and the actual first model I did for the army when this kit came out).

I have always been a fan of the Tyranid Warrior models and this is the first unit of them I have completed. I plan on having quite a number of them in my force, including some winged versions!

From the horde of little guys I plan on including in the army here are the first of many Termagants. I have 20 done so far.

The Genestealers are currently on the painting table and should be done this weekend. Here are the test models I did to work out their color scheme.

In the past week, I painted up two Tyrant Guard to go with my WIP Hive Tyrant. The pics on these are a bit blurry for some reason, but you get the idea!

Finally, to lead the Genestealers I have have the mighty Broodlord waiting in the wings for some paint!

I am excited about the upcoming release of the new book and seeing all the final details of the army list. I have been keeping up on the rumors, but nothing compares to having that book in your hands. I am even more excited about getting my hands on all the new models (especially the Trygon) and converting up some of the new unit types that don't have models yet.

More updates will follow soon as I continue with the army!


  1. You should paint spiderwebs on the red parts!

  2. Cool base on the broode lord - where is that from??

  3. That is an awesome base from Dragon Forge. They make fantastic resin bases if you are not familiar with them!