Sunday, January 31, 2010

I want a new bug...

Apologies to Huey Lewis for the title of this post...

So the poll is closed and Hive Fleet Scylla is the winner. This scourge is growing and will soon be unleashed upon the galaxy (or at least my gaming group).

So I have been working away on some conversions for the army as of late. As soon as I saw the new codex I knew I had to work at building a Harpy, Tervigon, Tyrannofex, and more! I started with a Harpy. I thought a lot about how I was going to make this and settled on using a neglected Forge World Winged Hive Tyrant a friend had given me. He had kept the wings for a conversion of his own, which I was fine with. I was more interested in the body and head! I hacked off the legs (yes I know it is a $90 model) and filled in that area with some putty and armor plates. I then added High Elf Dragon wings and created the twin-linked Stranglethorn Cannons for the model.

I know you can't see a lot of the detail yet since it is primed, but you can see the idea of the model. I patterned it as close as possible to the artwork in the codex (snakelike body, spikes, twin-linked guns). Overall I like it a great deal and I look forward to painting it up.

Next I started on my Tervigon conversion. I have seen a lot of hastily converted Tervigons on the web and I wanted to really make mine stand out. I wanted it to look as close to the drawing in the book as possible.
I started out taking a Trygon torso and widening it with plasticard. Once it was widened, I then started cutting and piecing together the back armor and front plates for the top of the torso. After that framework was all in place, I began sculpting in the details with Apoxie Sculpt. I really like working with it as it is thinned with water and easy to smooth out and shape.

You can see in the last picture the size difference in the Tervigon and the Carnifex torso. The Tervigon is much wider and appropriate to represent a Termagant spewing creature!

I still have a lot of work to do on the model. I have to finish the detail work around the back vents on the model (gap filling and smoothing) and then work on the underside more. I plan on having 2 separate orifices for Termagants to be expelled from - one closed and one open with an emerging Termagant. The back legs and tail will be from a Carnifex and the front 4 arms will be Scything Talons like the drawing in the codex.

I'll keep you all updated on the progress of this model as I go. I hope to finish it up this week! Let me know what you think of these conversions.


  1. I really like that Harpy conversion (And kudos to you for having the cohones to saw a forgeworld model in half!), though I'd say the body could stand to be extended a little farther. As is, the tail looks a little stumpy. Not bad at all, and you're certain to be the only kid on the block with such a unique take on the model.

    As for the Tervigon: Holy Linebacker batman. He looks like he should be trying out for the Steelers. Will you be beefing his head out any?

  2. I hadn't planned on beefing up the head at all. The picture in the codex has a rather small head attached to the huge thorax, so I thought I would run with that.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. love the tervigon jeff. Al lot of real bugs in nature have really overstated bodies with tiny heads. If there is one thing that bothers me in tyranid models, it is the ones that look like people holding guns. They should look like bugs..
    great stuff, hurry up on this!
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. I am very happy you put the weapons on the Harpy on arms instead of the wing tips. I think it is the dumbest idea ever to put weapons on the wings. How is the Harridan supposed to aim while flapping...stupid. Well done for making a "proper" flying Harpy.

    Oh and thanks to Rob for sending me to this blog.