Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hobby Seminars - Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD

Just a quick note to anyone in the Baltimore-Washington area (and surroundings): I will be at the 10th anniversary celebration for Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD this Saturday from 1-3 PM to do some hobby seminars. I will have loads of models on display to discuss painting and converting techniques and answer any questions people may have. So if you are in the area and want to come by, please do!

I hope to meet many of you this weekend who follow this blog if you live in the area!


  1. Hey man, I didn't realize you were in the DC/MD area until recently. While I won't be able to make it this weekend (I will be playing in a Rapid Fire Tournament down at Game Vault, the store Ron is always taking about) I'd love to catch up with you sometime and talk shop.

    I'll be up at the Inner Circles tournament on 2/26 with my Griffons so maybe I will see you there.

  2. Yeah, it would be great to catch up with folks who are in the area! Where is that Tournament on the 26th, at GCS or at the Bunker? I might have to see about attending myself...

  3. Aparently there are more blogger types around here then I expected. I shall attempt to make GCS on Saturday, but I think I am supposed to be helping a friend move.

  4. Actually the event I was talking about is on the 20th at GCS. The Bloggers I know of that live in the DC/Baltimore Area are:

    -HuronBH (Me)of Blood and Blades
    -Jeff of the adepts forge
    -Ryan (Ryan)of On the Painting Table
    -Grey_Death of The Paint Corps
    -Old Shatter Hands of The Tau of War
    -Ron of FTW
    -Nix of The Dead Tau Project
    -Jeff Wilhelm of the Mad Mad World of Jeff Wilhelm
    -Dave Taylor of Dave Taylor Miniatures
    -Rushputin of Warpstone Pile
    -Wynn of Wynn Studio Models

    Quite a few.

  5. Wow, yeah, that is quite a few. One of these months we should organize a get together or something, just so more of us can have faces to go with names.

    I have no plans currently for the 20th, so I might try to show up at least to say hi.

  6. Jeff Wilhelm actually lives in Cincinatti, OH. He's a friend of mine.