Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally an update!

So I have finally had a chance to return to the painting table after a hectic month. I picked up some of the Planetstrike items that were just released and I have to say, I am really excited about getting in some games. I think this will be a very fun way to play 40K!

So while I spent last night evening building a crazy two story Bastion, I also had the good fortune to be in PA for the past week and spend some time at Legions Hobby and Game. What an amazing store that is! I have never seen a larger selection of gaming products in one place! Everything you can imagine is there! If you find yourself in the Pittsburgh area, be sure to check it out!

I picked up a variety of things there: some Dark Age bases, Micro Art Orc heads (those conversions coming soon), an Avatars of War Chaos Lord, Ultraforge Daemon Wings, GW Direct Only Ammo Grots for my Flash Gitz unit, and more!

Well, enough rambling. Starting with the next post (by Wednesday) I will be doing a feature series of articles on my Shadow Hawk Space Marines. I am planning on adding some new units to the army for Planet Strike (like Drop Pods) and I realized it was time to really delve into the background and details on this army. Until then, here are some teaser models to get your interest fired up!


  1. Nice looking Land Raider. The red contrasts with the darker colour well. Looking forward to reading more on the background of your army.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  2. Love the LRC. Very clean look and nicely painted!

  3. Love the paint job on the Land Raider.