Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cadian 485th "The Diamondbacks"

I have finally had a chance to get back to taking some photos and updating the blog in a proper fashion! As many others, the new Imperial Guard Codex has energized me to get back to my Cadian army that I started ages ago. Even though I haven't finished the Orks, the Emperor's Will cannot be denied!

The Cadian 485th was envisioned as an Armored Recon force. The infantry squads will be in Chimeras and there will be lots of Sentinels and other fast elements. The new Valkyries are perfect additions to the army as well! The army name comes from a lizard indigenous to the founding planet in the Cadia system. The creature's mottled skin tones are represented in the army's color scheme.

The overall commander of the army is an Inquisitor who is utilizing the recon force to investigate a variety of Chaos incursions in the sector. So the army will also feature Inquisitorial allies.

There is still quite a bit of work to be done on the army, but here is what I have so far.

The Kasrkin squad is one of the first elements I painted up. I had considered a Grenadiers army under the old doctrine system, but decided that I would just have them as a supporting unit.

The Sentinels. I have a second unit being built that will incorporate magnetic weapons so that I can swap them for different battlefield roles.

The Command Squad's Chimera has been converted out of a FW Trojan Recovery Vehicle kit and a large communications dish was added to the top from another FW kit. I am really happy with this design and I think it really conveys the army's role as a scouting force.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I would do Veterans for the army. I converted these models for GW when I was working there to show some other uses for the plastic Marine Scouts. Now with the Grenadier option in the Veteran entry, I decided that I would use these guys as my Veterans. I have to convert 5 more to complete the squad. The Vet squad will be mounted in a Valkyrie in the army, so their helmets and visors give them the appearance of drop troops as well.

This is the test model for my Grey Knight Terminators. I didn't want to do a standard color scheme for them, so I added the colors of the IG army to the model. I also painted him in greys instead of the usual metallics.

These are some other random models I have painted for the army so far. I am planning on using the cyber mastiff to be a bodyguard for the Commander in the HQ Command Squad. The Veteran officer will find his way to a platoon command or squad sergeant.

Here are some of the vehicles I have done so far.

There are the various models I have done so far. I am working away at an infrantry squad right now. I will keep you all updated as the Regiment comes together!


  1. Jeff, I've forgotten what two main colors you used for these guys. What were they again?

    And good to see you getting back into them. Indeed the Emperor's Will cannot be denied!

  2. The main colors are Bubonic Brown for the clothes and main parts of any armor. The armor on the infantry and accent on the tanks is a Delta color called Cinnamon. It is very close to Terracotta.

  3. Very striking camo scheme, love it.

  4. All very very awesome, especially the Kasrkin squad.

  5. Love the Scouts/Grenadiers and that GK scheme.

    I don't want to build/buy enough scouts to make an army, but I might have to snag a box or two and trade for some Cadian heads to use them in other games. Those are sweet looking!

  6. I use scouts for my sergeants, etc, for my Light Infantry regiment.

  7. Love the command vehicle. Simple and effective combination. Nice army!

  8. Hey, looks like I had the same idea for the Grey Knights that you did. I hate the metallic GK colors, so I went with a flatter gray with lighter edging.

    What model is that Cyber Mastiff? I've picked up a couple of 'hounds' for my Inquisitor, but haven't found any of suitable 28mm size...