Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Stegadon Conversion Challenge!

Well, it is here! The entries for the Stegadon Conversion Challenge. Between this site and Dave Taylor's ( we will be showcasing all the entries for the contest. The voting will take place here at the Forge and the winner will be announced in about 2 weeks. There are 3 entries posted here, and 3 entries on Dave's site. Please be sure to visit Dave Taylor Miniatures to see those great entries and then come back here to vote!

Entry 1: Squiggoth
The first entry is a fantastic Ork Squiggoth. Marching into battle atop this massive monster, the Orks are ready to unleash a devastating attack from the super Zzap Gun!

Entry 2: War Shrine
Marauders from the North know no bounds when it comes to the worship of their Dark Gods. This Stegadon has been captured and pressed into service as a Warshrine. When sufficiently angered it can also act as a Chaos Chariot.

Entry 3: Squiggoth
Not content with the configuration of the Stegadon, this converter switched the head and tail around and added some great bionic feet before dropping a cool Grot Rokkit howdah on the back!

There you have the first three entries. Be sure to head over to to see the other three entries. Then be sure to vote for your favorite! Also, comments on the entries are welcome and encouraged! We hope you enjoy the first conversion challenge and we are anxiously awaiting your vote! All winners and who the models belong to will be announced in a few weeks!

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