Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, the Stegadon Challenge is going along great with over 150 votes so far. Thanks to everyone who is following it and participating.

I have been on a major Warmachine kick as of late and that has been my painting focus. I will return to the Orks soon, but with the Mark 2 Warmachine rules out, I have been bulking up the forces to try them out. We have some games scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) night, so we'll see how the new rules play. Overall I like what I see (though some of my favorite units and models are quite different now). Anyway, I added a few new things to the Cygnar force (and there are even more done since I took these pics, I just need to get time to take more pictures). I also painted up Brun and Lug for my Trollbloods. Enjoy!


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  2. I had posted how nice these look, but now I'm kinda mad at you...thanks to your awesome Dwarf/Bear combo you've got me looking at Hordes again. I even whipped up a list, grrr...

  3. See, it is an addiction no matter how many counseling places refuse to treat it :-)