Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Switching Gears

As I worked away at my Orks, I finally realized that I needed a break. As much fun as I was having with them, I found that I was starting to get a bit burnt out. So I decided to work on some models for my other favorite games - Warmachine and Hordes.

I am currently working on my Cygnar force for Warmachine. I am also trying to squeeze in more models to my Trollblood army for Hordes. One thing I love about these games is how quick it is to add a few things to an army. Since it is more skirmish based, adding a new model or unit is much easier than adding the same thing in other game systems. Below you will find a gallery of my various models for these systems. In addition to my Cygnar and Trolls, I have also showcased a variety of my Mercenary models (my first faction for Warmachine that I painted). In a future update, I'll show you all some of the other models I have done for my WIP Cryx army and my WIP Khador. I also have a huge Skorne army not assembled, and a Privateer army, and some Legion models I want to paint... It's an addiction, I know!


  1. Great looking PP models - I'm a huge fan of most of their stuff.

  2. Those are some nice looking models.

  3. Nice job, good consistent color schemes through all 3 armies. Nice job.