Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Roll Call!

Well, here we have the first short bios for those participating in our Stegadon Conversion Contest. Over the next few days I am going to try and get all the bios compiled and up so you can see who is flexing their hobby muscles in this! So without further ado, our first two participants are from the Santa Cruz Warhammer blog:

Mike de Boer - An alien from the old country who cannot live without his passions: his wife, his two daughters and modeling. He has given up on armies and just builds and paints models.

John Dickerman - Sergeant at Arms, Santa Cruz Warhammer
A Warrior Poet (and a Taurus, who enjoys walks on the beach, sunsets and soup), who has spent much of his life searching for the perfect cherry blossom, only to realize that they are all perfect.
Currently a:
  • Chaos Warmaster and Herald of Nurgle
  • Dark Angel Chapter Master
  • Slann Mage Priest
  • Orc Warboss
  • Ogre Tyrant
  • Eldar Autarch
  • Lord of Athel Loren
  • Hive Tyrant
  • Big Mek Whaaagh Boss
  • Tau Aun
  • Dwarf King and Grudgebearer

So there you have our first two participants. I'll try and get some others up later today. Thanks to Mike and Jon for participating and I look forward to your conversions. If they are as creative as the bios you have come up with, we are sure to see some great stuff!

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