Monday, March 9, 2009


Well, if all goes as planned, this should be a busy week here at the Forge. I finished painting the Deff Dread on Friday, so as soon as I get all the pictures finished, they will be up.

I have also begun working on my Stompa, and I hope to take some WIP shots of that to show you what I have planned for it. There is no way I could just build it as a stock kit, so the conversion work is underway! My goal is try and make the arms (or at least one of them) swappable so I can have a few of the options out there.

Finally, I have a test model underway for my Stormboyz mob that I am anxious to show you all. I am experimenting with some new ideas to make him taking off, and I think you will like the results!

Our next bios are now available for the Stegadon Conversion Contest. So without further ado...

Dan Cooper
Retired banker, life-long military and commercial aircraft modeller, recently started working on fantasy model kits as a change of pace. In addition to modelling, Dan also enjoys skydiving, fishing, and camping in his naitive Pacific Northwest.

Jeff Hall (hey, that's me!)
Veteran hobbyist with almost 17 years experience. Former Games Workshop US Community Manager and White Dwarf contributor. I have painted hundreds of miniatures over the years and I have 10 painted armies to date for Warhammer and 40K. I am also a fan of historical miniatures, Warmachine and Hordes, and all things nerdy (though I just don't get Anime...)

Well, there you have the next two people in the conversion contest. I'll try and get all the other bios up this week with all the other updates I have planned. Plus, I need to investigate that Cooper fellow. I could have sworn I heard about that guy somewhere before... :-)

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