Friday, February 27, 2009

A quick, and shocking update...

Yes, I love bad puns. Sorry, I can't help myself.

I would update quicker, but I feel that a miniature painting and modeling blog is not worth reading if there aren't pictures to go with it! So I have to have something to show when I update.

Over the past week, I have started painting (and continued working on) a variety of things.

  • Continued plugging away at 9 Slugga Boyz. They are about 50% done and I hope that I can come very close to finishing them this weekend.

  • Began painting the Big Daddy Deff Dread. I have some base coats on it and I have begun picking out areas to paint yellow. This model is turning into one of those rare ones that just doesn't look right yet. But I have some ideas on fixing that which will be implemented this evening. So I hope that with these things done to it, the paint job will start to come into line with how much I like the rest of the model!

  • Finally, I have a base coat on my Battle Wagon. I'll be taking my time on this to make sure it stands out nicely on the tabletop!

So since painting is back to the forefront, I don't have too much to show as the paint jobs aren't complete. However, I did finish up the conversion/kit bash on my Shokk Attack Gun. The "vaccuum" tube that runs from the Big Mek to the Shokk Attack Gun isn't finished yet, but the other parts are. Let me now what you think!

The Shokk Attack Gun is made from a variety of parts. The main body is from the Imex/Pegasus Chemical Plant. The tracks are from an old Rapier kit, and then added to all that is plasticard, power cables from Dragon Forge, and other odds and ends. I'll give a special recognition to anyone who knows that the ends of the spinning part of the gun are made from!

For the tube I took some Apoxy Sculpt and rolled out a length. I then used some Empire Cannon Balls and added them to the tube. I covered these over and viola! Grots being sucked up through the tube and poking around :-)

I had a great deal of fun making this. Once I complete the tube and get it all based, more shots will be added. Now back to work and lots of painting this weekend!


  1. I hate this blog for one reason, it makes me envious of all the cool conversions. Your version of the shokk attack gun blows away the GW model.

  2. That's great, I'd love to see that across the table from me.
    Nice conversion.

  3. Yeesh. That thing looks large enough to shoot full sized Boyz through it, let alone grots! Great job! :)

  4. Thanks guys! Glad you like the conversions. I promise to have some painted versions of them up soon!

  5. i really like this conversion Jeff,
    the 'Gun Ends' are from the sentinel legs right?

    keep up the good work, cant wait to see you dred when it is painted up

  6. Yes! Congrats to the-seventh-son for identifying the Sentinel Leg parts!