Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looted Wagon WIP

Ever since I saw the drawing of the Looted Wagon in the Ork Codex, I knew I wanted to recreate that in a model. The Leman Russ the Orks had looted was just covered with great Ork additions! So as I got more and more skilled in plasticard work, I decided it was time to give it a shot.

One of the things that always stood out on the drawing to me was the turret with the teef next to the barrel of the boomgun and all the glyphs and chains on top of the turret.

I made the barrel of the gun from plastic tubing and I used a slightly larger tube cut into sections to represent armor plats on the barrel. The end of the barrel is the Kannon on the Battle Wagon cut and added to the tube. I finished it up with rivets cut from unused plates on the battle wagon.

For the top of the turret, I used various back banners and banner poles, along with a "crow's nest" from the Ogre Kingdoms banner. I used fine modelers' chain to hook it all together. One of the last things I did with the turret was cut off the cupola that is on the turret (it is from the Battle Wagon as well) and recreated that with plasticard.

For the other details, I studied the picture as close as I could and tried to recreate these details anywhere that I could. The spikes on the tracks, the various patches and plates, the iron gob style teef along the front - all these were inspired by the drawing in the Codex.

One thing I needed to figure out where the weapon options. The Boomgun was obvious, but I could only have 2 Big Shootas or Rokkit Launchas for the other options. With the two sponsons and the front body gun spot, I needed to figure out what to do with the weapons. So I settled on 2 Big Shootas for the front and side sponson, but then I made the other sponson look like the weapon had been destroyed and a grot was just poking out taking potshots!

So there you have the latest crazy creation for the Orks! I have had an absolute blast building this and I look forward to the next Ork creation. But first, I have to get more models actually painted!


  1. Really nice work. I'm still laughing at the grot. Would love to see this on the table.

  2. More amazing work! I cannot wait to see that bad boy painted up in some Bad Moonz Yellow!

  3. reminds me of a looted bainblade i saw, great work. look forward to seeing more