Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here comes the Big Daddy!

So as I embarked on my Ork army, I wanted to make sure that I went all out. Not to say I haven't put a lot of time and effort into my other 9 painted armies, but Orks were going to be something special. No other army lends itself to more customization (in my opinion) as the Orks do.
As I looked at all the great forums and sites out there dedicated to the greenskins (especially Da Waagh) I knew that I would really have to step up my skills with plasticard and putty for this project. I wanted to completely scratch build / kitbash some of the models for this army. My first undertaking of going all out is now complete (well, the building at least). I present the ultimate Deff Dread!

The main body of the Dread is made from a plasticard understructure that was then coated with a second layer of plasticard cut and damaged to look like metal. I then added loads of bolts and rivets made from various lengths of plastic rod (both round and hex).

I used a variety of other parts as well on the kit. The front part of the body and "eye" are made from an old Rhino hatch and the end of a searchlight. I created the top hatch from an IG tank hatch, old Rhino top hatch, and the wheel that opens it is from the Chemical Plant terrain kit from Pegasus Games.

The power plant for the Dread is made from tubing and connectors from the Chemical Plant. I also used some of the fantastic power cables from Dragon Forge (

I created the legs on the model from the Defiler's CCW weapon arm. I cut and repositioned one of the legs and left the other one straight. I added some armor plates from the old "gubbinz bags" and filled in the back open section with some tubing. For the feet, I used Sentinel feet.

Finally, I finished off the model with four close combat arms from the new Battle Wagon's Grabba Claws! I want to give a huge thanks to Jordan C. for helping me get the last two claws I needed to complete this!

The Deff Dread is a massive beast (the base is approximately 80mm and made from a metal drink coaster)! While he is quite large, I don't think he is too big, as any self-respecting Bad Moon Mek would go all out on such a stompy, killy machine! For the final shots, here are two scale pics showing it with a Killa Kan and also a weedy 'umie Dread!

Comments welcome, and I look forward to painting this soon!


  1. Looks great Jeff! I think you've done a nice job creating something really imposing, but still meeting all the aesthetic sensibilities of the original Deff Dread.

  2. Jeff, what did you use for the shins, those grey pieces with the rivets on them. I also spotted those on your defrolla, they look like flat lego pieces.
    Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Hi Mike,

    Those are armor plates that came with the old GW Gubbinz Bags. They were originally the armor sections on the 80s era Battle Wagon Wheels, and GW released them later as armor plates around the Gorka Morka days. I have heard a rumor they are coming back out in March, so we'll have to see!

  4. That is one mean Deff Dread, great modelling well done.

  5. More than a bit too late, but the legs and feet would be way too small for it to realistically move at all.. At best it would waddle at a very slow speed, but most likely it'd just fall down alot..

  6. i think that this is one of the better scratch-builds i have seen, i woulnd like to try it!