Monday, February 16, 2009

Grot Tanks

Well, I have finally been able to update! Sorry for the delay, life got in the way of toy soldiers! Anyway, one of the things I have been working on lately are some "grot tanks" to be big gunz batteries in the army. They are made from a variety of parts including Wartrak back sections, grot turrets from the new battle wagon, Zzap Guns from the battle wagon, and a few other bitz. I am hoping to do a step-by-step of the third and final one when I build it.

Until then, here are some pics!


  1. Very cool dude! I saw the link from DT's site and popped over. Oh, and this one of the "other Jeffs" from a while back, Jeff Brooks! :) I hope all's well with you and your family- I'm still out in Malaysia rockin' it with Battlefront.

    Take it easy, and keep up the killer hobby stuff.

  2. HAHA... That is awesome. Great work putting them together. They look natural like it's a kit.


    I am in love with these models. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to build orks.

  4. Beep Beep!

    great stuff..makes me want to get modeling some Green Skins!

    Another Jeff.. were taking over the place ;)

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! I had a blast with these and I look forward to painting them!

    @Dragonforge - Wait until you see the next update in a day or so - I put the power cables I ordered from you to good use on that upcoming project!

  6. Those are completely great! I really like when things are not what you expected. Using those for gun batteries will make for some awesomely unique Gun Batteries! I once had a Fantasy Orc army with many Boar Boyz. So, to keep the theme, I mounted my snotlings on tiny pigs. They do mimic the bigger greenskins you know!

  7. Awesome stuff. The lil guys need love too!

  8. I see he have used the base of the ork buggy flamer and the upper turret of the ork tank
    It´s wonderfully orkish!