Friday, February 27, 2009

Reminder - Conversion Contest

I just wanted to remind everyone that The Adept's Forge and Dave Taylor Miniatures ( are kicking off their conversion contest for the new Stegadon model on March 1. Check back early next week to both sites to see profiles of the hobbyists involved in the contest and hear a bit about what they will be working on.

Voting happens at the end of March!

A quick, and shocking update...

Yes, I love bad puns. Sorry, I can't help myself.

I would update quicker, but I feel that a miniature painting and modeling blog is not worth reading if there aren't pictures to go with it! So I have to have something to show when I update.

Over the past week, I have started painting (and continued working on) a variety of things.

  • Continued plugging away at 9 Slugga Boyz. They are about 50% done and I hope that I can come very close to finishing them this weekend.

  • Began painting the Big Daddy Deff Dread. I have some base coats on it and I have begun picking out areas to paint yellow. This model is turning into one of those rare ones that just doesn't look right yet. But I have some ideas on fixing that which will be implemented this evening. So I hope that with these things done to it, the paint job will start to come into line with how much I like the rest of the model!

  • Finally, I have a base coat on my Battle Wagon. I'll be taking my time on this to make sure it stands out nicely on the tabletop!

So since painting is back to the forefront, I don't have too much to show as the paint jobs aren't complete. However, I did finish up the conversion/kit bash on my Shokk Attack Gun. The "vaccuum" tube that runs from the Big Mek to the Shokk Attack Gun isn't finished yet, but the other parts are. Let me now what you think!

The Shokk Attack Gun is made from a variety of parts. The main body is from the Imex/Pegasus Chemical Plant. The tracks are from an old Rapier kit, and then added to all that is plasticard, power cables from Dragon Forge, and other odds and ends. I'll give a special recognition to anyone who knows that the ends of the spinning part of the gun are made from!

For the tube I took some Apoxy Sculpt and rolled out a length. I then used some Empire Cannon Balls and added them to the tube. I covered these over and viola! Grots being sucked up through the tube and poking around :-)

I had a great deal of fun making this. Once I complete the tube and get it all based, more shots will be added. Now back to work and lots of painting this weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here comes the Big Daddy!

So as I embarked on my Ork army, I wanted to make sure that I went all out. Not to say I haven't put a lot of time and effort into my other 9 painted armies, but Orks were going to be something special. No other army lends itself to more customization (in my opinion) as the Orks do.
As I looked at all the great forums and sites out there dedicated to the greenskins (especially Da Waagh) I knew that I would really have to step up my skills with plasticard and putty for this project. I wanted to completely scratch build / kitbash some of the models for this army. My first undertaking of going all out is now complete (well, the building at least). I present the ultimate Deff Dread!

The main body of the Dread is made from a plasticard understructure that was then coated with a second layer of plasticard cut and damaged to look like metal. I then added loads of bolts and rivets made from various lengths of plastic rod (both round and hex).

I used a variety of other parts as well on the kit. The front part of the body and "eye" are made from an old Rhino hatch and the end of a searchlight. I created the top hatch from an IG tank hatch, old Rhino top hatch, and the wheel that opens it is from the Chemical Plant terrain kit from Pegasus Games.

The power plant for the Dread is made from tubing and connectors from the Chemical Plant. I also used some of the fantastic power cables from Dragon Forge (

I created the legs on the model from the Defiler's CCW weapon arm. I cut and repositioned one of the legs and left the other one straight. I added some armor plates from the old "gubbinz bags" and filled in the back open section with some tubing. For the feet, I used Sentinel feet.

Finally, I finished off the model with four close combat arms from the new Battle Wagon's Grabba Claws! I want to give a huge thanks to Jordan C. for helping me get the last two claws I needed to complete this!

The Deff Dread is a massive beast (the base is approximately 80mm and made from a metal drink coaster)! While he is quite large, I don't think he is too big, as any self-respecting Bad Moon Mek would go all out on such a stompy, killy machine! For the final shots, here are two scale pics showing it with a Killa Kan and also a weedy 'umie Dread!

Comments welcome, and I look forward to painting this soon!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Conversion Challenge - The Stegadon!

The "Getting the most out of the new Stegadon kit if you're not a Lizardman player" Conversion Challenge!

The Adept's Forge, in conjunction with Dave Taylor Miniatures, is pleased to present the kick-off to what will hopefully be an ongoing series of cool idea-sharing and excitingly executed conversions.

All too often, there comes a great new plastic kit that you just can't help but want to put together. Perhaps, however, you're not into the army for which the kit has been released and you just can't bring yourself to build a one-off, never to be used again model. Enter the Conversion Challenge.

Over the next five to six weeks, a group of friends and verteran hobbyists will take on the challenge of converting the fantastic new Stegadon plastic kit into something they can more readily used in one of their existing armies. The rules are simple. Take (at least) one Stegadon kit, add heaping helpings of creativity and modeling talent, and create a masterpiece of conversion work that will be admired the world over (or perhaps just over the world wide web). Photos will be taken around the end of March and half will be posted on, while the other half will be posted on Polls will be set up for voting and the winner will receive bragging rights, and possibly a prize from the archives.

We'll be posting the names of the contestants shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for the mighty creations come late March!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Grot Tanks

Well, I have finally been able to update! Sorry for the delay, life got in the way of toy soldiers! Anyway, one of the things I have been working on lately are some "grot tanks" to be big gunz batteries in the army. They are made from a variety of parts including Wartrak back sections, grot turrets from the new battle wagon, Zzap Guns from the battle wagon, and a few other bitz. I am hoping to do a step-by-step of the third and final one when I build it.

Until then, here are some pics!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looted Wagon WIP

Ever since I saw the drawing of the Looted Wagon in the Ork Codex, I knew I wanted to recreate that in a model. The Leman Russ the Orks had looted was just covered with great Ork additions! So as I got more and more skilled in plasticard work, I decided it was time to give it a shot.

One of the things that always stood out on the drawing to me was the turret with the teef next to the barrel of the boomgun and all the glyphs and chains on top of the turret.

I made the barrel of the gun from plastic tubing and I used a slightly larger tube cut into sections to represent armor plats on the barrel. The end of the barrel is the Kannon on the Battle Wagon cut and added to the tube. I finished it up with rivets cut from unused plates on the battle wagon.

For the top of the turret, I used various back banners and banner poles, along with a "crow's nest" from the Ogre Kingdoms banner. I used fine modelers' chain to hook it all together. One of the last things I did with the turret was cut off the cupola that is on the turret (it is from the Battle Wagon as well) and recreated that with plasticard.

For the other details, I studied the picture as close as I could and tried to recreate these details anywhere that I could. The spikes on the tracks, the various patches and plates, the iron gob style teef along the front - all these were inspired by the drawing in the Codex.

One thing I needed to figure out where the weapon options. The Boomgun was obvious, but I could only have 2 Big Shootas or Rokkit Launchas for the other options. With the two sponsons and the front body gun spot, I needed to figure out what to do with the weapons. So I settled on 2 Big Shootas for the front and side sponson, but then I made the other sponson look like the weapon had been destroyed and a grot was just poking out taking potshots!

So there you have the latest crazy creation for the Orks! I have had an absolute blast building this and I look forward to the next Ork creation. But first, I have to get more models actually painted!