Sunday, January 25, 2009


The Deff Rolla is always a favorite addition to any Battle Wagon. Even though a sprue is slated to come out soon (possibly March if rumors are correct) I always knew I had to build one of my own. Various posters on Da Waaagh! and other forums have done a great job scratch building Deff Rollas. While I pride myself on my conversion skills, full on scratch building is still a bit of a challenge for me. So I have to work with existing materials to make the magic happen "-)

So after a quick trip to Lowes, I came home with a bag of great parts to start up the Deff Rolla (and it only cost me $4 - be sure to explore your local hardware store for great finds!).

I used some PVC plumbing pipe "slips" as they are called as the basis for the rolla. On to that, I took armor plates from the old Gubbinz Bags and covered the main section of the tubing. For the outer ends, I fit half of a Siege Tower wheel to the end. The Siege Tower wheels are wooden, so I had to cover over the woodgrain with some Apoxy Sculpt. This left a thin area between the plates and end caps that needed something to fill it. I thought about spikes, but those just seemed like they would get broken as it rolled. So I decided to create some sturdier protrusions out of hooks from the Chaos Vehicle accessory sprue. I just clipped off the hook part, and shaved down the tips with a hobby knife.

Now came the hard part, attaching this to the Battle Wagon. I considered some plastic tubing, metal rods, and other components. As luck would have it, my answer arrived in the mail yesterday! I had ordered one of those Chemical Plant kits from a friend of mine's store and it arrived. The pipes that come with that kit ended up being the perfect solution to mount it onto the wagon!

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  1. Very nice work. Your attention to detail has given me a lot of ideas on how to modify my models.