Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Conversion article - Chaos Giant WIP

Since I began playing Warhammer some 17 years ago, I have always loved Giants. The thought of these massive creatures wading through hordes of troops have always inspired me. GW has released a lot of great Giants over the years, but the plastic Giant that came out a few years ago is truly one of my all time favorite models. I have painted 2 so far and this will be my third.

The basic idea I had for the Chaos Giant was a massive northern warrior. Other Chaos Giants often go the route of the mutant monstrosity, but I wanted more of a huge Chaos Warrior or Marauder.

I built the head for the Giant a while ago, and I had some basic ideas for using the Chaos banner as a tabard for him. I had considered using some of the shoulder pads from the 40K Daemon Prince on him, but in the end, I thought that would look too much like Marine armor.

I was lucky to get a plastic Mordor Troll sprue a while back from a buddy of mine, and it has sat for some time as I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. Now that I started work on the Giant, the ideas seemed to just leap from the Troll sprue! The chest armor on the troll fit perfectly on the giant. All that was needed was to cut the very bottom plate off and on it went. I used some fine modeler's chain in a criss-cross pattern across the back to represent how it was attached to the Giant.

The Troll also has some great shoulder armor on the sprue that fit nicely on the shoulder of the Giant as well. I added a horn/spike to the center of this shoulder pad from the Spawn sprue for extra emphasis.

For a weapon, I had thought long and hard on what to use. I considered making some sort of giant flail, or perhaps a club studded with Chaos Warrior weapons. But while looking through sprues one evening, I came across my Soul Grinder sprues and the sword was perfect! It had a similar sized hand as the Giant, and all it took was some putty work to fill in the gap on the back of the hand.

Since he had a sword, a shield seemed fitting for the other arm. Once again, the fantastic LOTR Mordor Troll sprue provided just what I needed! I used some ForgeWorld brass Chaos icons to add extra detail and a giant-sized Chaos shield was born!

I finished off the model with some extra armor on the other shoulder made from a Troll helmet and I added the Chaos Star earring from an icon that comes with the new mounted Marauders. All that is left is coming up with some leg armor to guard those vulnerable areas where all the small ones will be attacking! I think I will make these from Chaos shields.

Now he just needs to be painted!

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