Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Da Boss's Best Boyz

I recently finished the first part of my Nobz Mob. I am looking to have a 10 man unit in the army, with the Painboy I converted. Here are some shots of the first 4. They are all from the Black Reach set, with one having a Power Claw added to him. The next batch will be made from the new Nobz boxed set and feature some Big Choppas, another power claw, and some combi-shootas. It may not be the most focused unit for combat, but it will provide a good all-around unit for different situations and also give me lots of different Nobz to use in my Boyz units.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


The Deff Rolla is always a favorite addition to any Battle Wagon. Even though a sprue is slated to come out soon (possibly March if rumors are correct) I always knew I had to build one of my own. Various posters on Da Waaagh! and other forums have done a great job scratch building Deff Rollas. While I pride myself on my conversion skills, full on scratch building is still a bit of a challenge for me. So I have to work with existing materials to make the magic happen "-)

So after a quick trip to Lowes, I came home with a bag of great parts to start up the Deff Rolla (and it only cost me $4 - be sure to explore your local hardware store for great finds!).

I used some PVC plumbing pipe "slips" as they are called as the basis for the rolla. On to that, I took armor plates from the old Gubbinz Bags and covered the main section of the tubing. For the outer ends, I fit half of a Siege Tower wheel to the end. The Siege Tower wheels are wooden, so I had to cover over the woodgrain with some Apoxy Sculpt. This left a thin area between the plates and end caps that needed something to fill it. I thought about spikes, but those just seemed like they would get broken as it rolled. So I decided to create some sturdier protrusions out of hooks from the Chaos Vehicle accessory sprue. I just clipped off the hook part, and shaved down the tips with a hobby knife.

Now came the hard part, attaching this to the Battle Wagon. I considered some plastic tubing, metal rods, and other components. As luck would have it, my answer arrived in the mail yesterday! I had ordered one of those Chemical Plant kits from a friend of mine's store and it arrived. The pipes that come with that kit ended up being the perfect solution to mount it onto the wagon!

Rollin, rollin, rollin!

So I had the idea to build one of the new Battle Wagons with all tires on each side. This was inspired by the large Assault Vehicle in Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. You can see that particular vehicle here:

Based on this idea, I began converting my "Rolling Thunder" style Battle Wagon.

The getting wheels to fit took some trial and error, but overall it wasn't too difficult. I had purchased some extra wheels online and they came with additional frames to mount the wheels as you do in the front. Fitting these onto the back part of the wagon helped plan out the location for the wheels. For the middle wheel, I created a support from some plastic tubing. One of the last things I did with the wheels is to add Bad Moon hubcaps made from some old Marauder Miniatures Orc shields. These fit the wheels perfectly and add some great detail to the model.

The metal washer you can see on the right side turret is for placing the turret options. I have one built so far with a big shoota, and I plan on creating others with different weapon and crew options. The washer's center hole allows the various turrets to be mounted with some plastic tubing to keep it in place. This way you can have a variety of swappable turret options.

There are more details to come including additional big shootas, swappable crew, and more!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Conversion article - Chaos Giant WIP

Since I began playing Warhammer some 17 years ago, I have always loved Giants. The thought of these massive creatures wading through hordes of troops have always inspired me. GW has released a lot of great Giants over the years, but the plastic Giant that came out a few years ago is truly one of my all time favorite models. I have painted 2 so far and this will be my third.

The basic idea I had for the Chaos Giant was a massive northern warrior. Other Chaos Giants often go the route of the mutant monstrosity, but I wanted more of a huge Chaos Warrior or Marauder.

I built the head for the Giant a while ago, and I had some basic ideas for using the Chaos banner as a tabard for him. I had considered using some of the shoulder pads from the 40K Daemon Prince on him, but in the end, I thought that would look too much like Marine armor.

I was lucky to get a plastic Mordor Troll sprue a while back from a buddy of mine, and it has sat for some time as I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. Now that I started work on the Giant, the ideas seemed to just leap from the Troll sprue! The chest armor on the troll fit perfectly on the giant. All that was needed was to cut the very bottom plate off and on it went. I used some fine modeler's chain in a criss-cross pattern across the back to represent how it was attached to the Giant.

The Troll also has some great shoulder armor on the sprue that fit nicely on the shoulder of the Giant as well. I added a horn/spike to the center of this shoulder pad from the Spawn sprue for extra emphasis.

For a weapon, I had thought long and hard on what to use. I considered making some sort of giant flail, or perhaps a club studded with Chaos Warrior weapons. But while looking through sprues one evening, I came across my Soul Grinder sprues and the sword was perfect! It had a similar sized hand as the Giant, and all it took was some putty work to fill in the gap on the back of the hand.

Since he had a sword, a shield seemed fitting for the other arm. Once again, the fantastic LOTR Mordor Troll sprue provided just what I needed! I used some ForgeWorld brass Chaos icons to add extra detail and a giant-sized Chaos shield was born!

I finished off the model with some extra armor on the other shoulder made from a Troll helmet and I added the Chaos Star earring from an icon that comes with the new mounted Marauders. All that is left is coming up with some leg armor to guard those vulnerable areas where all the small ones will be attacking! I think I will make these from Chaos shields.

Now he just needs to be painted!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And now for something completely different...

So far I have been focusing solely on my Bad Moon Ork army in progress. But as any hobbyist knows, you often deviate from your current army at times to get out a conversion bug you have buzzing around your head.

That's where the Ironclad Dreadnought comes in. I actually built this a few months ago, but only recently finished the final details. He will be painted up for my Shadow Hawk Space Marine army.

I started out by adding the additional armor plates to the main body. I built these from old IG plates from a tank accessory sprue. I actually don't even remember the exact place the panels in question came from, I just know they were on that sprue. I think they were part of the old Hunter Killer missile launcher assembly. I cut these down and made the armor from them.

The Hurricane bolters are simply Marine bolters cut and added to an assault cannon dread arm. Some hacking and shaving and they fit nicely.

The Seismic Hammer was the hardest part. Figuring out what I wanted the arm the look like took the longest! I tried a few configurations before I settled on the final product. This is based on a CAD drawing from Games Day of the Ironclad. I used the fuel pods from a Land Speeder Multi-melta to make the piston style heads for the end of the arm. These are placed around the end of a power cell from the Battle for Macragge set (one of the small terrain pieces). Small squares of plasticard are used to fit into the finger holes from the power fist (that I cut out and smoothed down).

The final details are some ForgeWorld brass and the chainmail tabbard is from a Marine backbanner (from a Veteran).


I have never been a fan of the Tankbusta models, so I knew that I would have to really think about how I wanted to create this unit. I like how they play (having a unit all armed with Rokkits is never a bad thing) and I thought long and hard about what I would use for these guys.

At a recent Bizarre Bazaar at the local Battle Bunker, I happened across an old friend of mine who was unloading all his Epic Orks. When I saw the Epic Stompas, I knew I had to figure out something to use them for. So for a whopping $5 I acquired a bag full of them as well as some great parts from an old Mega Gargant (more on that at a later date). Once I had these great little robots, the idea for making Tankbusta boys came pretty quickly. I knew I would have to do some minor conversions on them so they looked different from just the Epic model. I dove into my bins and dug out the last of my Pit Slave arms. I scrounged up as many Rokkit style weapons as I could for their launchers and the unit was underway.

For the Nob, I envisioned him wielding a remote control fairly early on. Coming up with the right way to make this proved a bit more challenging. I tried to create a set of arms actually driving a joystick, but that didn't work out. So I used the new plastic Nobz box to create a Rokkit Launcha resting on his shoulder from one of the new Uge Choppas. The remote is made from a Tau missile pod with small plasticard buttons added. The attenae is from a Cadian backpack and also a power node from the Macragge set. His backpack is a set of Mek's tools from a Gorka Morka mek. I can't wait to paint these guys up!

Let me know what you think.

Updates inbound!

Hi all,

I haven't forgotten the blog! I just haven't had a chance to get photos taken of my latest conversions. Unfortunately I don't get a dedicated photo area set-up like I have for my painting/modelling area. I should be able to get some pictures done this evening though.

On the horizon, look for details on my crazy Tankbusta conversions, custom bases, and a Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought conversion I am really pleased with. I will also be doing some articles in the near future on topics such as Counts As Models and other interesting (at least I think they are interesting) topics.

So look for a more detailed update soon!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

And his little buddy

So to go along with my new Painboy, here is his Grot Orderly.

He is based off of the Ammo Runt in the Nobz boxed set. His cleaver is from the Ogre Kingdoms Bulls. I cut out the ammo from his box and replaced it with scissors (old Battle Wagon tools), a leg bone, and a skeletal arm. The Ork skull is added for extra "don't visit the Doc!" effect :-)

New Year, New Models

Happy New Year all! Welcome to 2009 and the continued odyssey of my Bad Moon army.

As January kicked off with lots of new Ork models, I did the respectable thing and picked up a bunch of them! I had some exchanges to make at the local GW store, so I was able to pick up 3 boxes of the new Nobz and 2 of the new Battlewagons in trade for the product I was exchanging. I also picked up another Baneblade, but more on that at a later date....

The first thing I wanted to make with the new Nobz was a Painboy for my Nobz mob. I was not a fan of the one GW released and I had some ideas since I first saw some of the new parts on the sprue.

The head is from the Forgeworld Nob Bikerz and the tools are from the old plastic battlewagon (and an Ogre knife as well). I cut off the "doc" bit for the top of his head from the other painboy model. Let me know what you think! I am very pleased with the final result.