Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wazdakka WIP

I had not planned on including bikes initially, but then I was caught up in tons of ideas for conversions! I started out with Wazdakka himself. He is based on a Forgeworld Nob biker.

The Trike is the FW one, with an additional Dakka Gun on the side to represent the Assault 4 stats of Wazdakka.

As for the rider, I used one of the FW Nob bodies, Grimgor's head (with a topknot added from the Ork Boyz sprue) and the old Nazdreg power claw.

I created the flaming skulls (which are described as the flaming skulls of a Titan Princeps and crew in Wazdakka's background) by taking some of the Empire Flagellant torches and hollowing them out. I then fit some of the new VC Skeleton heads into the cavity, and puttied in and rescuplted the flames around them. I then mounted them on carbon rods. I added a few chains from the Flagellant sprue for additional detail.


  1. Love this to bits, the best wazzy I have seen yet.

    Can't wait to see him painted.


  2. What kind of power klaw did you use?