Saturday, December 20, 2008

Conversion ideas - Skorcha WIP

So as I suffered through my final day of work before a two week vacation yesterday, I started thinking about what conversions I wanted to work on for the army. I spent almost an hour going through the awesome archives on for ideas and inspiration. I came across some photos from a recent Games Day that showed a CAD drawing of a possible Skorcha.

So immediately the gears started grinding and I thought about how I could create something along these lines. I recently picked up the new ForgeWorld Warboss on bike, and the back tracked sections from that kit would work great on a Skorcha (especially since I planed on using wheels on my Warboss anyway).

So last night I started working on this conversion. I decided that I didn't want the spout for the flamer to be on the tank like this, so I worked up some ideas to run a hose from the tank to the flamer and have that in the front of the vehicle (and less likely to torch the driver!). Here's what I came up with:

The fuel tank is made out of a Grot Lobba with a Dwarf Flame Cannon steam valve on the back. I covered the front hole on the Lobba with a Tankbusta bomb (which makes a good valve/door). The Skorcha gun is an old Mega Gargant launcher fitted with a Burna Boy weapon. The hose from the tank to the launcher is from a Necromunda Spyrer Patriarch mechandrite, cut and bent into shape.

I made a similar driver to the picture above (with a Burna head) and I also gave him the chain. Overall, I am really pleased with the conversion. I am creating a custom bike base for it (more on my bike bases later).

Comments welcome!

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  1. Noice! I'm guessing you were planning on keeping with a plastic rider rather than have more fun with a resin rider?

    I'll have to put up pics of the Buggy I was making before I had to start packing things up.

    They are probably the last thing I should be working on, but now that I have the Nob Biker pieces, I had some other ideas for Buggies.

    Still think you are crazy for getting the Warboss...

    And now back to packing and drinking Limoncello.