Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Conversion ideas - Skorcha WIP

So as I suffered through my final day of work before a two week vacation yesterday, I started thinking about what conversions I wanted to work on for the army. I spent almost an hour going through the awesome archives on for ideas and inspiration. I came across some photos from a recent Games Day that showed a CAD drawing of a possible Skorcha.

So immediately the gears started grinding and I thought about how I could create something along these lines. I recently picked up the new ForgeWorld Warboss on bike, and the back tracked sections from that kit would work great on a Skorcha (especially since I planed on using wheels on my Warboss anyway).

So last night I started working on this conversion. I decided that I didn't want the spout for the flamer to be on the tank like this, so I worked up some ideas to run a hose from the tank to the flamer and have that in the front of the vehicle (and less likely to torch the driver!). Here's what I came up with:

The fuel tank is made out of a Grot Lobba with a Dwarf Flame Cannon steam valve on the back. I covered the front hole on the Lobba with a Tankbusta bomb (which makes a good valve/door). The Skorcha gun is an old Mega Gargant launcher fitted with a Burna Boy weapon. The hose from the tank to the launcher is from a Necromunda Spyrer Patriarch mechandrite, cut and bent into shape.

I made a similar driver to the picture above (with a Burna head) and I also gave him the chain. Overall, I am really pleased with the conversion. I am creating a custom bike base for it (more on my bike bases later).

Comments welcome!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wazdakka WIP

I had not planned on including bikes initially, but then I was caught up in tons of ideas for conversions! I started out with Wazdakka himself. He is based on a Forgeworld Nob biker.

The Trike is the FW one, with an additional Dakka Gun on the side to represent the Assault 4 stats of Wazdakka.

As for the rider, I used one of the FW Nob bodies, Grimgor's head (with a topknot added from the Ork Boyz sprue) and the old Nazdreg power claw.

I created the flaming skulls (which are described as the flaming skulls of a Titan Princeps and crew in Wazdakka's background) by taking some of the Empire Flagellant torches and hollowing them out. I then fit some of the new VC Skeleton heads into the cavity, and puttied in and rescuplted the flames around them. I then mounted them on carbon rods. I added a few chains from the Flagellant sprue for additional detail.

Killa Kan

The first of many Killa Kans for the army!

Da Boss!

Here are some pics of my Mega Armor Warboss for the Bad Moons. I envision him as Nazdreg. He will have 4 Mega Armor Nobz in a retinue.

The back banner is made from Gorthor's (Beast of Chaos character) with a Night Goblin standard top added. I also used some of the ancient glyph plates from the old plastic battle wagon (from the 80s) cut into strips.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deff Kopta

Here is a Bad Moon Deff Kopta I completed as a test model for the army. I have the other two in the squadron on the table and should have them underway over Christmas break.

And so it begins...

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